MB Healthcare Management has partnered with Capital Group and American Funds to offer employees a robust 401k program.

The program highlights are:

· The 401k program is managed by Capital Group and American Funds, one of the largest retirement benefit managers in the United States.
· American Funds is offering over 20 unique low-fee mutual funds, with a mix of sector- specific funds and retirement-date target funds.

Open Enrollment:
· Open enrollment to join the plan for eligible enrollees is in January and July of each year.

· Enrollee must be an employee of the company for six (6) months and have worked five hundred (500) hours during that time. Once an employee hits that minimum requirement, they can enroll in the next open enrollment period.
· Enrollee must work at least one thousand (1,000) hours annually to maintain eligibility.
· All positions are eligible to enroll in the 401K plan with the exception of union class positions if they have their own Union pension fund.

Employer Match:
· The Company is currently offering a discretionary match. The Company will match 50% of an enrollees own contribution up to the lesser of $750 or 1% of an employee’s salary.
· For example, if an employee saves $600 in their 401k, at year-end the Company will match 50% of that with a $300 contribution, turning that $600 saved into $900.

To Enroll:

Please fill out the appropriate application below and return it to the HR Director in your facility or email to 401k@mbhealthcare.com.
Note: Applications will only be accepted during Open Enrollment in January and July.

Enrollment Guides

Enrollment Guide – Stratford

Enrollment Guide – Pine

Enrollment Guide – Laurel

Enrollment Guide – Jersey_Shore

Enrollment Guide – Clover Meadows

Enrollment Guide – Carnegie Non Union

Enrollment Guide – Carnegie Union


Stratford 401k Application

Pine Acres 401k Application

Laurel 401k Application

Jersey Shore 401K Application

Clover Meadow 401K_Application

Carnegie Union Link

Carnegie Non Union Link

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